How to Install Push On Hose Fittings

Install Push On fittings

How to install push on hose fittings without any dramas or panics. As with most things the preparation and using the right tools are as important as doing the actual job.

In this article we are going to cover the following:

  • What hose and hose fittings to use
  • Tools required to Install Push On Hose Fittings
  • Step by step guide

 What Hose And Hose Fittings To Use

This may appear to be obvious but it pays to be sure.  Before we can go into detail about How To Install Push On Hose Fittings, we must be sure we are using the right products. The hose, or rather the size of the hose is important. The AN system uses hose with an imperial inside dimension, it is not a metric hose. Be sure your hose is correct. If in doubt contact your supplier just to be sure.

Here is a Push On hose size chart that includes Inside Diameter information.

How to install push on hose fittings

 We (Speedflow) only supply Aeroquip Push On hose for a number of reasons including  consistent quality from batch to batch and the sizes being 100% correct.

The sort of Push On hose end you use will probably be an AN fitting, but it could be a Banjo or some other design. Be sure it is right for the application (it fits what it needs to fit) before you making your hose assembly.

Tools Required – How to Install Push On Hose Fittings

If you are the sort of person that has modified or even built a car (or bike) then you’ll have all the tools you need. Basically you will need the following to install push on hose fittings:

  • Bench mounted vice
  • Fine tooth saw – to cut the hose
  • Jug or water container and access to hot water
  • Vice Jaws – to hold the hose fittings without marking them. You can get these from Speedflow for FREE if you spend more than £60.00 net on hose fittings

Do not worry if you don’t have a set of vice jaws. The important thing to do is ensure the push on hose fittings will not get damaged when being held in the vice. You may be able to use card or masking tape applied to the metal vice or the hose fitting to do a similar job.

How To Install Push On Hose Fittings

Four easy to follow steps to ensure you install Push On Hose Fittings correctly.

Step 1

The first step is to cut the hose to length. You can hold the hose in the plastic vice jaws to keep it steady. Using a fine tooth saw cut the hose square and leave a clean face. Remove any debris or loose ends.
Push On Hose Fittings, step 1 cut hose

Step 2

Hold your Push On Hose Fittings in the vice. Use the plastic vice jaws or some other method to stop the hose fittings from being damaged when being held in the vice.
Push On Hose Fittings held in vice

Step 3

As I am sure you already know, the hose will not easily slide on to the Push On Hose Fitting. What we are about to do will make the process easier.

Get a large cup or jug of hot water that is just below boiling point. Rest the end of the hose, just a few inches (50mm to 70mm), in the hot water and leave it there for a few minutes. Take care that the water container cannot fall over and spill the water or cause harm. This will soften the hose without causing any damage to it. Double check the Push On Hose Fitting is held securely and then push the hot end of the hose on to the fitting. As it gets near the collar it will become more difficult, but just keep on pressing with a twisting action until it is in to the base of the collar.

Do not use any kind of lubricant when fitting Push On Hose Fittings. This can leave a lasting residue that may affect the security of the hose.
Push On Hose Fittings with hose being fitted

Step 4

Check the hose is on the push on hose fitting as far as possible and tight up against the collar.

Push on hose fitting installed on hose

We hope you found this article useful. This and lots more information about AN Hose and Fittings can be found in our free to download eBook – just click on the link to get your copy.